Do you ever watch a movie that just hits home? You try and convince yourself that “its just a movie” but its like watching some sad pathetic replay of your life  

Falls in love with the voice on the other end of computer- Check

Despite logic telling them they shouldn’t feel that way, they decide to pursue it- Check

Love is awesome- Check

Voice on the other end inexplicably disappears- Check

Voice comes back just to tell you that they’re leaving for good- Check. 

So much respect for the actor because the feels train had no breaks. 

Sometimes I can’t believe you screamed her name. 


We’re up all night ‘til the sun
We’re up all night to get some
We’re up all night for good fun
We’re up all night to SEW A TARDIS DRESS

They’re making a tardis dress


A Mile a Day

Incredibly simple

It sounds so easy

but when I’m moving Its all coughing and wheezing

The thrum of the treadmill

a steady beat, churning

the distances rolls by

but the shuddering—concerning

I struggle to hang on

but the machine has another plan

my feet leave the floor

and, for a brief moment, I am superman

Haven’t written in while, but for me, no news is good news. Every day for this year I will run a mile. No matter what happens in my life, I will run a mile. This is a pledge. 

Bronze and the Dreaded “ELO Hell”

Okay so you’ve played through your placement matches and didn’t do so great or maybe you didn’t play last season, and the system couldn’t get a good idea of where to place you. Now you’re in Bronze! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing so before you start raging at the que just take a minute and relax. Take heart in these facts:

- If you don’t belong in bronze, you will move up quickly. You will jump entire ranks as you level 

-You are learning how NOT to be as a player

-Bronze people can try some crazy things that will actually work (Yorick support, Jungle Leona) Take note of this. It can be super useful as you move up ranks

-HAVE FUN! this is the time to try out your own crazy ideas

So not much to say here other than. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP. This is the tier where major come-backs happen. This is the tier where derps are more likely to happen. Yeah, that 15/1/14 pantheon top is really strong, but if he keeps diving on the towers and dying for greedy kills then it’s easy to sweep up the bonus gold and go about your business. 

All I can say about Bronze is that if you don’t deserve to be there then you won’t stay. You’ll climb out within a few games and be on to the next tier. 

#Endersgame movie!!

#Endersgame movie!!

League of Legends Ranked: Start Tips

Yup, another analysis of a game that you constantly talk about, think about, plan your day about

Or if you don’t then another look into how I see the differences between each Tier as I climb. Hello, My name is Kris, but my handle is Rain Mrow. I’m a newly made Plat V, and I just wanted to share a little of my insight to hopefully make you a better player as you are looking to progress through the ranks. 

That being said here’s a few tips that I’ve learned:

1. Learn every. single. role. I cannot stress this ENOUGH. You will NOT always get to play the role you’re best at, and you WILL have to compromise if you want to climb the ranks. It’s okay to say something like, “Hi, I main ADC but I can play all.” this also  brings me to my second bit of beginning advice

2.Learn which roles you suck at. If you’re one of the few players who are equally good at all roles then congrats, you should fly through bronze, silver, and even lower gold ranks. However, if you’re like the rest of the community and fell in love with a certain champion (Cough cough Miss Fortune) and played over 400 games with a certain champion (Miss Fortune) then you find out that in between lanes there’s a bunch of monsters in that weird grass (besides the one that makes you burn people as you auto-attack) then it can be scary. TELL THEM YOU SUCK. I always start off saying “Hello! I’ll fill, worst as jungle”. This does two things, someone will step in to fill your ass’s incompetent shoes, and you will more likely get the role you actually want to play. 

3.Have a rune page for every role. I assume most people have this by now, but you never know. 



6.BUY WARDS…seriously.. buy them. Everyone. Always. You should always have at least one ward on you every time you go back to buy. 

7. Assume that your team is not watching the mini-map ever. Even if people bitch at you for excessive pinging, ping anyways. Most lower ELO players tunnel vision onto whatever their task is and often won’t see the Rengar or roaming Fizz that just ran passed their river ward, but you do. So TELL THEM. Even at high level ELO people will tunnel vision for a kill. 

8. DO NOT ALWAYS RISK IT FOR THE BISQUIT. Even though it’s not always a fun way to play it will guarantee that you won’t feed, and that’s the most important thing you can do. Not. Feed. [Proxy Singed excluded]

9.If you’re uncomfortable with the ban system, play a few draft games until you feel okay. It can be strange and scary and force you into things you may not want

10. Last bit of unwanted wisdom I’ll impart is that raging never ever helps. In fact, a team can be winning and one guy harping on an insignificant death will change the entire team atmosphere. I’ve had many times where two raging guys will spend more time typing terribly common insults rather than actually playing the game and will result in either AFK’s or just plain idiotic gameplay. In the words of Gregidot (A.K.A. Sky) practice your DST! ( look it up on youtube) It really works. Be that positive guy on your team that is always helping and encouraging. Tell them they’re beautiful and that they’re special even if you don’t mean it (God knows everyone else doesn’t). If they get ganked in their jungle tell them to get back in there and jungle their little heart out! (Because you want ganks) If they walk into a warded bush where the enemy team is, tell them that you’re sorry you couldn’t have saved them (From across the map) YOU TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR and you WILL HAVE RESULTS. I promise. 

Even when I haven’t seen you in months. Your face makes my heart skip beats. Not always for romantic reasons, but more because I’m scared you’re going to tell me that it was all my fault. 

This is why I dislike when people say sorry too much